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Course length: 1 day 

Hardware/software requirements 
None. The course is designed to be taught as a lecture with class participation. No hands-on tasks are involved. 

Course description 
Students will learn what computer networks are and how they are used by examining the various components and their functions. 

Performance-based objectives 
Lesson objectives help students become comfortable with the course, and also provide a means to evaluate learning. 
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 
•    Understand what computer networks are and how they are used. 
•    Identify various network strategies and topologies. 
•    Identify various hardware components of a computer network and understand their functions. 
•    Understand how network software is used to communicate over a network and to use network services. 
•    Define standards and protocols and understand how they are used to communicate on a network. 
•    Understand how data is transmitted over a network. 
•    Identify the OSI model and understand how communication layers interact. 
•    Understand what the Internet is and how to use it. 
•    Identify the basic functions of network management. 
•    Identify future possibilities for computers and computer networks. 

Course content 
Lesson 1: Introduction to networking

  • Introduction to networking
  • Computer network history
  • Benefits of using computer networks
  • Network design considerations

Lesson 2: Network strategies and topologies

  • Node connecting strategies
  • Network computing strategies
  • Network coverage
  • Network topologies

Lesson 3: Network hardware

  • Network hardware components
  • Transmission media
  • Interface devices
  • Internetworking devices

Lesson 4: Network software

  • Network operating systems
  • Network applications

Lesson 5: Standards and protocols

  • Network standards
  • Network protocols
  • Differences between standards, protocols, and protocol implementations

Lesson 6: Data transmission

  • Data transmission
  • Signaling
  • Switching strategies
  • Media access control (MAC)

Lesson 7: Introduction to the OSI model

  • An overview of the OSI model
  • How network layers communicate

Lesson 8: TCP/IP and the Internet

  • TCP/IPthe Internet protocol suite
  • The Internet

Lesson 9: Network management

  • Functional areas of network management
  • Daily network management responsibilities

Lesson 10: The future of networking

  • The future of networking
  • What next?







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