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1 day class

Overview: Learn the finer points of QuickBooks. First-time QuickBooks users will learn the basic features of the software. Experienced QuickBooks users will quickly learn the new features and functionality of QuickBooks. This class will show you how to custom tailor QuickBooks to your own personal needs, with customized forms and reports, and custom letters to clients. We will also explore things like Sales tax and Payroll and will be able to answer specific questions you may have. Well worth the time! Remember “Knowledge is Power”, empower yourself today!

Prerequisites: A basic understanding of the Windows operating system & QuickBooks is recommended.

Course content

Lesson 1: Customizing Forms

  • Topic 1A: Creating a Custom Template
  • Topic 1B: Modifying a Template
  • Topic 1C: Printing Forms

Lesson 2: Using other Quickbooks Accounts

  • Topic 2A: Using Other QuickBooks Account Types
  • Topic 2B: Tracking Credit Card Transactions
  • Topic 2C: Working with Asset Accounts
  • Topic 2D: Working with Liability Accounts
  • Topic 2E: Understanding Equity Accounts

Lesson 3: Creating Reports

  • Topic 3A: Creating QuickReports
  • Topic 3B: Modifying QuickReports
  • Topic 3C: Memorizing QuickReports
  • Topic 3D: Running Preset Reports
  • Topic 3E: Modifying Preset Reports
  • Topic 3F: Memorizing Report Settings
  • Topic 3G: Exporting Reports to Microsoft Excel
  • Topic 3H: Printing Reports

Lesson 4: Creating Graphs

  • Topic 4A: Creating QuickInsight Graphs
  • Topic 4B: Creating a New Graph
  • Topic 4C: Using QuickZoom with Graphs
  • Topic 4D: Working with the Sales Graph
  • Topic 4E: Customizing Graphs
  • Topic 4F: Printing Graphs

Lesson 5: Tracking and Paying Sales Tax

  • Topic 5A: Using Sales Tax in QuickBooks
  • Topic 5B: Setting Up Tax Rates and Agencies
  • Topic 5C: Determining What You Owe
  • Topic 5D: Paying Your Tax Agencies

Lesson 6: Doing Payroll with Quickbooks

  • Topic 6A: Using Payroll Tracking
  • Topic 6B: Setting Up for Payroll
  • Topic 6C: Setting Up Employee Payroll Information
  • Topic 6D: Writing a Payroll Check
  • Topic 6E: Printing Paycheck Stubs
  • Topic 6F: Tracking Your Tax Liabilities
  • Topic 6G: Paying Payroll Taxes
  • Topic 6H: Printing Forms 940 and 941

Lesson 7: Estimating, Time Tracking, Job Costing

  • Topic 7A: Creating Job Estimates
  • Topic 7B: Creating an Invoice from an Estimate
  • Topic 7C: Displaying Other Project Reports

Lesson 8: Writing Letters

  • Topic 8A: Using the Write Letters Wizard
  • Topic 8B: Designing a Letter

Lesson 9: Synchronizing with Contact Management Software

  • Topic 9A: Synchronizing with Microsoft Outlook or ACT!







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