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1 day class

Overview: This hands-on QuickBooks introduction class is ideal for the small business owner. Using our easy “step by step approach” we will progress through the portions of QuickBooks you need to know. From setting up a proper chart of accounts custom tailored to your year end tax return, to producing customized reports with the information you need to make proper management/financial decisions. Along the way we will explore common mistakes and learn time saving techniques. We will share bookkeeping and accounting tax tips to help your CPA prepare your taxes in a timely, cost effective manner. Remember “Knowledge is Power”, empower yourself today!

Prerequisites: A basic understanding of the Windows operating system is recommended.

Course content

Lesson 1: Getting Started

  • Topic 1A: Starting QuickBooks
  • Topic 1B: Introduction to QuickBooks
  • Topic 1C: Using the Menu & Icon Bar
  • Topic 1D: Setting up QuickBooks on a Network
  • Topic 1E: Learning Common Business Terms

Lesson 2: Setting Up a Company

  • Topic 2A: Creating a QuickBooks Company
  • Topic 2B: Using the Chart of Accounts
  • Topic 2C: Entering Account Opening Balances

Lesson 3: Working with Lists

  • Topic 3A: Creating Company Lists
  • Topic 3B: Working with the Customer, Employee and Vendor Lists
  • Topic 3C: Managing Lists

Lesson 4: Setting up Inventory

  • Topic 4A: Entering Products into Inventory
  • Topic 4B: Ordering Products
  • Topic 4C: Receiving & Paying for Inventory
  • Topic 4D: Manually Adjusting Inventory

Lesson 5: Selling your Product

  • Topic 5A: Creating Invoices
  • Topic 5B: Making Cash Sales

Lesson 6: Invoicing for Services

  • Topic 6A: Setting up a Service Item
  • Topic 6B: Creating a Service Invoice
  • Topic 6C: Creating Billing Statements

Lesson 7: Processing Payments

  • Topic 7A: Receiving Payments for Invoices
  • Topic 7B: Making Deposits
  • Topic 7C: Printing Statements

Lesson 8: Working with Bank Accounts

  • Topic 8A: Writing a QuickBooks Check
  • Topic 8B: Using Bank Account Registers
  • Topic 8C: Entering a Handwritten Check
  • Topic 8D: Transferring Funds Between Accounts
  • Topic 8E: Reconciling Checking Accounts

Lesson 9: Entering and Paying Bills

  • Topic 9A: Handling Expenses
  • Topic 9B: Using QuickBooks for Accounts Payable
  • Topic 9C: Entering Bills
  • Topic 9D: Paying Bills

Lesson 10: Using the Easy Step Interview

Lesson 11: Using Online Banking

  • Topic 11A: Setting Up an Internet Connection
  • Topic 11B: Activating Accounts
  • Topic 11C: Reading Online Statements
  • Topic 11D: Creating Online Payments
  • Topic 11E: Submitting Online Payments
  • Topic 11F: Transferring Funds Online
  • Topic 11G: Canceling Online Payments
  • Topic 11H: Sending E-mail to Your Financial Institution







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